Thank you for your interest in the Wings for Life World Run - App Run Event Manager. The creation of your App Run Event for 2025 is not possible yet. Check back in November – we are looking forward to you.

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With your friends, family, sport club, colleagues, you can organize and host an App Run Event near you. All you need is a start point and the Wings for Life World Run App in your pocket.

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To be part of this amazing global movement, choose your 4km to 6km loop and plan your own App Run Event.


Get your family, friends and colleagues to download the Wings for Life World Run App, register and join your App Run Event.


Promote your App Run Event in the media and online with our easy-to-edit marketing tools.


Encourage local schools, groups, businesses, running clubs to join you.


On May 5, 2024, bring your community together to run for those who can't in this phenomenal global event.

5 reasons to be an App Run Event organizer

1. Huge community

All participants appear on both the global start list and your App Run Event start list in the App. Everyone has a fair chance of winning the global race.

2. Easy to set up

We help you create an exciting and engaging local App Run Event, with hassle-free set up.

3. Perks galore

With sponsors backing your App Run Event, you can increase promotion and get great perks for your World Runners. Your sponsoring partners get excellent exposure and their support enhances the overall participant experience.

4. Everything built in

The Wings for Life World Run App has advanced technology and built-in features to accurately track and record your World Runners' times, so you can focus on creating a truly excellent event for your community.

5. Powerful tools

Your App Run Event Manager has powerful marketing tools for you to smash your event promotion and reach the widest audience. Packed with posters, flyers, pictures, stories, clips and press-release templates, with this feature-rich tool you enhance your event's visibility and generate all the excitement.

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